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What is Semionaut?

Semionaut is an online magazine & knowledge resource offering insight into culture, media, creative industries, and brand strategy. Its publishers, editors, and contributors are professionally involved in the application of semiotic and cultural analysis to brand communication and design issues. 

The Semionaut community operates globally and our intention is to facilitate productive links across as many frontiers as possible. There are other sites where academics can think aloud and talk to one another. Here we are talking across languages, professional discourses, and cultural divides.


Malcolm Evans (UK) and Joshua Glenn (US)


BRAZIL: João Paulo Cavalcanti
BULGARIA: Albena Todorova
CANADA: Kathryn Borel
CHINA: Vladimir Djurovic, Vivian Shi
GERMANY: Max Leefe, Oliver Litten
INDIA: Hamsini Shivakumar
JAPAN: Rebecca Allen
NEW ZEALAND: Jake Pearce
POLAND: Jan and Kate Królak
RUSSIA: Maria Papanthymou
SAUDI ARABIA: Habiba Allarakia
SWEDEN: Martha Arango
UK: Malex Salamanques, Louise Jolly, Gareth Lewis, Chris Arning, Mark Irving, Lucia Neva, John Murphy, Cathy Maisano

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