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Sunday, 11 March 2012

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Our editorial and procurement teams, if you hadn’t noticed, are on prolonged missions to other galaxies. So there begins forthwith here right now a kind of Semionaut Carnaval or free-style era. What our grandfathers would have called ‘unplugged’. Semionaut speaking in tongues. Interactive, co-creational, and so on…

Here’s what we’re looking for:

• First-timers who would like to submit short pieces, especially people from anywhere working in (could be graduate?) study touching on popular culture, cultural change generally, brand worlds, communication. A lot of people who make a living from commercial semiotics read Semionaut so it’s a great shop window in which to get some recognition (if you so wish – we’re not making ideological assumptions here – cultural critique is also hugely welcome!)

• More relaxed spontaneous pieces from regular contributors: fly a kite, get angry, put up half an idea looking for a partner thought to be friends with or maybe more…

• Still in Globish English as language of reference please, but we are withdrawing the editorial hand for this period of festivity so we get a greater genuine diversity of Globish English and her various hybrids and mash-ups as she is improvised today.

• Anything goes basically – we will apply a light touch regulative hand only in the case of deliberate offence, illegality or anything that will get us personally visited by drones despatched by the Axis of Evil or the Axis of the Naturally and Self-Evidently Good Guys.

• We will just ask you to sign a declaration of the originality of the material you send us and taking legal accountability for the views expressed

• We publish pieces under 800 words or so, with one visual illustration – for which please give us copyright details we can attribute (or at least a source). We have a strict editorial policy of immediately taking down on request any copyright material the owner objects to being used on Semionaut.

• So send them flying our way – Word documents are best for us with illustrations separate rather than in the document – send to

• Also include please a head/face photograph of yourself and a maximum 80 word biography

Semionaut is read by Slavoj Zizek, the human resources departments of major corporations & media organisations, all the big advertising, design and brand strategy agencies. And the Queen of England.

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